getting back into the blogging habit

me and my favorite cows. moo. brenna loves chin scratches more than anything, and bailey likes to lick my pants. i think i have been working in the farmyard so long now that my pants have absorbed the taste of hay. they are so cute. the picture was taken for a slideshow to be shown on the night of zoomerang, our zoo's annual fundraising gala.

also, our new baby elephant is out and about for the public to see. samson is adorable.


ML said...

I'm officially in love with samson.

Anonymous said...

Samson is soooo cute! Can't wait to see him in person. As soon as I'm free between 10 and noon on a sunny day, I'm there!

Kiersten said...

oh my gosh! I'm so glad they named him Samson!

It was by far the best one!