spring is in the air

it feels a lot like summer, though, with the warm weather we've been having. i am still getting used to the ALL DAY RAINSTORMS baltimore has to offer. in colorado, if the thin air manages to rain, it's for an hour, tops. but here, with the ocean so close by and what not, it will rain all day long, and since i work outside, i come home looking like i fell in the farmyard pond.

but i digress...i really just want everyone to see pictures of the prairie dog babies and the sitatunga!

p. dog babies are adorable. they act just like adults, but talk in higher voices. and jahari is such a handsome sitatunga, and he will come inside when called in return for apple pieces. joanie makes this hilarious face. as if i can take something as cute as her seriously when she shoots me a 'drop dead' look.