baby elephant!!! plus: the circus! plus: bella training!

congrats to the elephant staff at the zoo for their new baby! felix gave birth to her 2nd calf wednesday night, a 290 pound baby boy! he is super cute from the pictures i have seen!! i was, of course, on my weekend when he was born, so i am so so so excited to get to work tomorrow to hear all about it. i love my job. (have i mentioned that?)

plus, tomorrow i get to go behind the scenes at the barnum & bailey and ringling
bros. circus that's in town for the next couple weeks. we will get to see how they travel with the animals, and meet a few of the trainers that work with the tigers, llamas, dogs, and elephants. i'm so excited, i love learning about and seeing different kinds of training.

**and an update on my bella training: my favorite little hog is doing awesome learning how to station. i ask her to go to her mat, and she has been doing it consistantly, so now i am making her pause on the mat before releasing her with the bridge (whistle) and giving her her reward. she held still for three seconds the other day while staring at me the whole time. yay, bella! once she is able to hold for an extended period of time, i will put the scale in there so eventually i can weigh her.