ad from the detroit zoo from the 80s. love it! don't think i'll be able to work with the flamingos anymore without hearing, "and one, and two, and one, and two" in my head.


guttenplan crab feast/ whiffle ball game

brian's family's annual crab feast/family reunion/whiffle ball game on labor day weekend this year. the whiffle ball game is always divided into guttenplans vs. non-guttenplans. our team had t-shirts this year, and i think it was the team unity that really allowed us our first win. the record stands at 4-1-1. great times!


maryland state fair

baby pigs at the "birthing center" and a baby goat flehman-ing. so cute. 

we went to the largest candy store ever, where they had fireballs (my favorite!). i got a deep fried snickers bar for the first time....and probably the last. you just can't beat a good old fashioned funnel cake. saw a lot of animals (also my favorite!). and rode the big metal centrifuge that spins and sticks you to the side of the cage. i love the fair!


surf v turf

we played the aquarium in surf v turf part two. beat them in flag football last year, beat them in softball this year. taking bets they want next year's match to be water polo. :) 


Breakfast in the Farmyard

Doing a Hog Training Demonstration for all the people that came out for Breakfast in the Farmyard event at the zoo. Bella is such a champ, still pretty good on sit, even though we haven't trained in forever. Adorable! 


dad and susie's arrrrrmazing trip to baltimore. we went sailing on a pirate ship (aka day care dinghy) arrrrround the inner harrrrbor. 'twas loads of fun, and we walked away with booty and new dances to teach all our friends. ahoy!


went to kauai with brian for my cousin alex's wedding. after the 24-hour-travel-fest to get there, the trip was wonderful! wild chickens running around, a great hike, and gorgeous views. and got to spend time with the family i don't see often enough.