adventures in baking...♥

after the disasterous attempted birthday cake for marielle, sarah and i decided to go with just plain brownies to make for matt's birthday. but sarah found a great recipe and decorating inspiration and i got off work early since i only had my zoo orientation all day. so i got to work on the baking, and sarah took over the artsy decorating! and voila:

and when sarah said she wanted to make the same brownies as cupcakes to bring into work, i thought it would be a good time to try a delicious-sounding recipe i found on tastespotting: lavender fairy cupcakes. mmm... i can't recall every eating anything with lavender in it before, so the taste of the muffins was unexpected and wonderful. (i call them muffins because they were less sweet than i typically think of cupcakes being.) the taste reminded me of being in new zealand; the neighborhood i lived in had many many lavender shrubs cut into hedges that bordered peoples' property. walking to school on a sunny day (or even rainy, i love the rain and mist) was delightful.