miss me?

sorry i have been m.i.a. for a bit. it's been busy busy around here. and i ended up with a list of things to blog. and i finally had to skip wing night (!) to catch up with some stuff around the house. so one by one this weekend, i will knock out all the bloggity blogs i have swimming around in my head.

#1: the failed birthday cake. observe:

yep, in case you ever wondered what would happen when you forget to add baking soda to a simple chocolate cake recipe, this is it. flat. eggy texture. not very good. not like that stopped sarah and i from eating a couple peices...but not pretty enough to serve to marielle for her bday.

so we ended up making a pacakge of brownies and covering it with pink sprinkles. yum!


ML said...

for the record, those brownies were AWESOME (especially the hot pink sugar!!)

Anonymous said...

hahhaha it looks like MEAT.