opening day!

it's almost opening weekend, and we have all been running around like decapitated chickens to get the zoo looking pretty! i have swept and raked till my arms just about fell off, but i can't wait for people to actually be around. one: because it will feel less like i'm working in a ghost town, and two: because i have put so much work into giving the animals new toys and fixing up the exhibits, i want people here to admire it all!
plus, there is so much new stuff happening, i am so excited to be a part of it all! we have a new male giraffe, cesear joining our herd of females. i actually worked with a keeper in denver right before i left that was his keeper in jacksonville, fl, and helped train him before he left for maryland. so i was sure to tell him hi from her.

aaaaand, we recently got two new elepahnts: felix and tuffy (i know, but we didn't name them, haha). and if having a new male around isn't a big enough deal, the zoo finally anounced to the media that felix is pregnant and due any day now! can't wait to see the little baby. oddly enough, i turned on animal planet (more on the new logo later) and they were playing a documentary on felix! it followed her when she lived in the riddles' elephant sanctuary and was having her first calf, max. it was so cool to see how they managed her, and introduced all the elephants to each other to try to form a cohesive herd. and now they are doing the same thing at our zoo! this will be the first baby elephant born at our zoo ever. here's a picture of felix and max:

i am also proposing we get in a new breed of goats for our petting zoo: dwarf goats. they are super cute, small, and come in very fun unique color patterns. maybe we will get a dalmation spotted one!
(head tilt) "awwww!"