happy 08

happy new years!! our NYE cocktail party was a total success. everyone looked great all dressed up, the house really came together thanks to my lovely roomie and her friends, and the food was delish (the meatballs, we decided, were made better by accidentally addding 10 times the bacon i was supposed to). i always forget how close our house is to the water, but we got to watch the harbour fireworks show from our deck...while playing with sparklers! can't beat that!!

and then i dragged myself to work bright and early this morning. and had another crazy day. the sheep's urine has been turning red once out of the sheep. at first i thought they were peeing blood, but it's normal color coming out, and only turns red in the air. weird! so hopefully the vets figure out that little mystery. then i had to catch the turkey to clip her wings, take skin scrapings, and clear her nose of dried mucus. i weighed the goats, and got to walk the cows around the zoo for a bit too. i love my job.