the farmyard

i had another wonderful day at work. ms. bella the (formerly) evil hog is doing so well with me! i have gotten udder balm on her little feet every day for a couple weeks straight. woo-hoo. and she is recognizing the bridge, which means when i blow my whistle, she knows to look for her reinforcer (lettuce, grapes, sweet potato, etc.) so now the training gets to start! i am pumped.

a few pictures of my other farmyard pals:

brenna, a dexter cow. her and bailey, her half-brother, are super cool, love to lick shoes and fleece jackets that have hay dust on them, and walk better than my dogs on leashes.

lambert and droopy, 2.0 jacob's sheep. the ones who had mysterious color-changing pee that i mentioned earlier.

lloyd (white) and harry (brown). miniature donkeys. they are small.


ML said...

All the animals are so adorable :)