duckpin v. candlepin bowling

fact: a perfect game has never been bowled in the history of duckpins.

well, i gave it my best shot, and came away with a personal best score of 72 or something, taking a solid second place in one game. pretty much what happens is this: you get a ball that's about the size of a softball, grapefruit, shotput, etc. they weigh about four pounds, so bigger than bruce's head. there are no holes in the ball, so you just palm it and roll it towards the pins. there are ten pins, but short and cute! (see picture, please.) so no matter how hard you wing that little ball, you can only really take out so many at a time. buuuut... you get three balls per frame! yay!
it's very simliar to candlepin bowling which i have played every summer when we visit family in massachusetts. only candlepin pins are taller and straight! (see picture, please.)

bottom line: tons of fun!! the place we went was oh so trendy, had awesome food, wasn't a fan of the bowling rates hourly instead of per game, though. i ♥ the fact that duckpins are a baltimore thing too, i feel like a member of an exclusive club. haha

p.s. fact: this was one of babe ruth's favorite sports