a b-more x-mas

merry x-mas! so, in preparation for my mom's arrival to baltimore i decided to clean up the house; while picking up the (numerous) stuffed toys belonging to my dogs, i couldn't help but notice they all were seriously injured. if i was to call in a stuffed animal doctor, he would have a hard time deciding which patient to treat first. the triage system would go right out the window!

but i realized that i really can't blame them for tearing the small creatures to shreds. they have a bit of built up frustration i think. and who can blame them? i use the holidays as an opportunity to dress them goofily and take tons of pictures. which i love to show to total strangers on the bus (just kidding! don't have a panic attack and send me more pepper spray, dad!) so i think the dogs look cute, they disagree, and then take it out on the poor helpless animals they receive as presents after picture time.


Anonymous said...

Sooo cute : )